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Teas Against Spring Fatigue

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Teas Against Spring Fatigue
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Spring fatigue is a condition known to almost every person. It cannot be defined as a disease, but it causes you to feel weaker.

Weight gain, depression, disability are often due to this life-sucking condition.

It is necessary to pay attention to it and take actions to get rid of spring fatigue. Chemistry is superfluous and contraindicated in the fight against malaise. There are many remedies from folk medicine that are able to restore our energy.

The body needs to be hydrated as well as energized, and both tasks can be accomplished by soft drinks made with herbs. We are talking about herbal teas that give strength to the body.

The possibilities cover a large range of spring plants. Mustard seed is a good antidote to fatigue. One tablespoon of it, boiled in 600 milliliters of water for 5-6 minutes, is a wonderful refreshing tea against spring fatigue, giving a surge of energy. It is drunk three times a day, no more than a cup before each main meal.

Rosemary tea is another folk medicine suggestion. This is another energizing drink that can successfully replace morning coffee.

rosemary tea helps with spring fatigue

Rosemary combined with a spoonful of honey for sweetening is more energizing than caffeine. A teaspoon of the herb is boiled for 10 minutes in half a liter of water. The oxide contained in it accelerates blood circulation, drives away fatigue and energizes the body.

Hydration of the body, a key indicator of the successful fight against spring fatigue, is carried out not only by drinking a lot of water, but also by drinking green herbal tea. Green tea first of all has powerful antioxidant properties and contains caffeine, which invigorates.

Detox is a must in the spring to flush out all the toxins accumulated from the winter lifestyle and diet. Ayurveda recommends Indian tea garam masala, which contains dozens of Indian herbs, for detoxification.

Our natural pharmacy offers ready-made teas from rosehip, nettle, dandelion, common speedwell, specially selected teas to eliminate spring fatigue. They support the release of toxins, restore vitality and saturate the body with energy.

If you want to overcome the unpleasant symptoms of spring fatigue even faster, see also our detox recipes.